History of Sheffield Transport 287 (SWB287L)

287 is a Leyland Atlantean with Alexander H43/31F bodywork. It was new to Sheffield Transport in March 1973, passing to the SYPTE in April 1974. It continued in service in Sheffield until 1985.


287 was converted to open top by the at the training school and was outshopped in the ‘new’ SYT livery and was used on Summer service work and a variety of promotional duties up until 1999, when it was transferred to York for city sightseeing work. After this it passed to Guide Friday and saw further use on sightseeing in Bournemouth, before finally going to RABBIT waste recycling, Worthing, for use as a promotional vehicle.


The SYTT had been in touch with RABBIT for a few years prior to the bus being sold for preservation, supplying various parts to keep the vehicle running. In 2014 the vehicle became surplus to requirements and finally made its way back ’home’ to Sheffield. The bus made the trip without incident, with all that drove it saying that it did drive particularly well.


The bus was rallied for the first year and then was taken off the road to receive a comprehensive restoration. Although appearing outwardly in good condition, under the skin the structure of the vehicle had suffered due to water ingress, due to almost 30 years as an open top bus.


The work that has been done on the bus has included a full re-panel, the re- placement of the floors on the stairs, cab and from the front of the bus back to the stair on the lower saloon. The cab has also been fully refurbished. The biggest, most notable change is that the bus is now no longer open top! It has been restored to ‘as new’ condition, and to facilitate this has received the roof from Atlantean 1707 (CWG707V).

Owner - Mr S.Barker