About Us

Welcome to the SYTT's website. 

The South Yorkshire Transport Trust's members and friends have been very busy buying and restoring vehicles over the past 10 years, all behind closed doors in the historic Tinsley Tram Sheds. We have many buses and associated vehicles, mainly of local origin, all operating in and around South Yorkshire during the past 60 years.  However, we do have some from further afield, including one from Cyprus! We also have a few cars, tractors and a even a vintage JCB!

The SYTT finished relocating the entire collection of vehicles to new premises at Eastwood in Rotherham in 2017. Come and see the collection at our next open day. 

Updates on vehicle restoration can be followed through facebook at 'The SYTT Activities & Archives'.

Some of the vehicles in the collection are available for further restoration. These are SYPTE 1655, 1831 and 1918. More information on these buses can be found in the 'Resident Vehicles' section.

If you are interested please contact the SYTT at syttevents@mail.com

Also, if you want to make a donation to help with the restoration of any of our vehicles, or to help with the general expenses of keeping the SYTT going, please click on the Donation button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.  Thank you!

For details of our open day click 'here'