History of SYPTE 1707 (CWG707V)

Atlantean 1707 was new to SYPTE in February 1980. It ran from Herries Road garage when new and ran for the SYPTE, SYT and Mainline, ending its career in Sheffield at Greenland Road garage.

It was sold to PVS (Barnsley) in 1991, who quickly sold it on to Camms, Nottingham. It then passed through a few more owners before ending up as a non PSV with the Urban Sanctuary youth project in Cardiff.

It is from here that the present owner purchased the vehicle for preservation, by now a non-runner due to an engine defect. It was recovered to Sheffield, where its restoration commenced.

It is fair to say that the interior of the bus had been changed so significantly due to its non PSV use, that realistically it would not be possible to return the vehicle to original condition.

As 1696 has been fully restored, and there is also 1790, it had been decided to convert 1707 to open top - (the entire roof has been fitted to Sheffield 287).

Work on this vehicle may seem to have stalled slightly but in fact the owner has been slowly gathering all the required parts in order to finish this project.

Owner Mr J.Lilley