History of Sheffield Transport 312 (UWA312L)

312 is a 1973 East Lancs bodied Leyland Atlantean AN68/1R with Leyland 0.680 engine. It is the sole survivor in the UK of a batch of 14 (307-320), with one still remaining in Byron bay, Australia (316).


This bus has had a very long life in service. It was ordered by Sheffield Transport, featuring a blue interior, and delivered in cream and blue. It operated from Greenland Rd garage for its 12 years service in Sheffield. After service in Sheffield it was exported to Australia in 1985 together with 8 other Atlantean's, 2 East Lancs bodied (316 and 319) and 6 Alexander bodied (295, 298, 299, 301, 302, 304).


By 2003, after sightseeing duties in Sydney, it was owned by Fantastic Aussie Tours and operated as a Blue Mountains Explorer by enthusiast director Darrell Booth. Ex-pat enthusiasts Tony Swift and Tony Asquith discovered that 312 and 316 were due for withdrawal from the Blue Mountains Explorer fleet and in November 2011 it was bought by Richard Gregory, after 37 years of continuous service.


It arrived home after 25 years away and 3 months at sea. 312 has undergone various restoration work to keep it usable but it is otherwise much as it was operated when in Australia and has attended many rallies.


The work has included:

Replacement of the platform and lower deck floor to the stairs

Replacement of the front body bearer

Replacement of the rotten front destination blind box Engine serviced, including fuel pump overhaul Brakes overhauled and steering adjusted

New front dampers fitted

A new radiator fitted on the later, uprated mountings

Owner - Private