Yorkshire Terrier 1739 (ROX645Y)

1739, ‘ROXY’ is a MCW Metrobus that was new to West Midlands PTE in April 1983. It carried fleet number 2645 and operated from Walsall garage. It was transferred to Yardley Wood in 1989, Washwood Heath in 1991, and finally Lea Hall garage in 1998.

In 2001 it was sold to the Yorkshire Traction Group, being allocated to the Yorkshire Terrier fleet, and carried fleet number 1739. Initially it was allocated to Ecclesfield Depot, but later transferred to Holbrook.

The Stagecoach Group took over the operation in December 2005. 1739 continued for a couple more months, then allocated fleet number 15992, before being sold to PVS for scrap in April 2006.

This was not the end for 1739, as it spent the next 10 years being used for evacuation training at a fire station in the Midlands area. It was spotted on a truck Facebook page and was purchased by Paul Emery for preservation. In February 2020 there was a change of ownership and the vehicle arrived at the SYTT. The bus will be preserved in its Yorkshire Terrier guise.

1739 has not run for around 15 years and it has been discovered that the engine is seized. All the usual methods have been employed to try and free it off, but to no avail. The engine will need to be removed and stripped down before the bus will run again.

Owner - Private