History of Citybus 2533 (AXI2533)

This bus was new to Citybus operating from Short Strand depot and in later life from Falls depot in Belfast.

This bus was withdrawn from service in July 2003 and placed in reserve in Newtownabbey where it was stored until 2005. These vehicles were held in case of trouble on the streets of Belfast where the newer buses would be removed from service and replaced with these.

2533, along with several others, were prepared for sale to Lough Swilly of Co. Donegal. Unfortunately 2533 had damage along the offside and therefore was marked as unsuitable for Lough Swilly and was bound for the scrap yard.

Fortunately 2533 was purchased by a preservationist in Surrey, England along with two other Bristol RE's. At first, 2533 was to be used as a source of spares but upon inspection was deemed in good condition. The damage was then repaired before being sold on for further preservation.

In 2011, 2533 went back to Belfast but has since returned to England. This vehicle is still in good condition.

After a lengthy period stored, 2533 was readied for MoT in late 2020, which it passed. During a brief rally season in 2021, 2533 only attended one event. It was found to have a fault on the air system and was subsequently taken off the road again. This fault has been found and repaired, meaning 2533 can once again take to the roads.

Owner - Private