History of SYPTE M52 (OWJ388A)

Originally bus number 475 (Originally 4475 WE) it was delivered new to the Sheffield Transport Department in 1959, operating in passenger service until 1976 being withdrawn as the last Titan to operate in the city.


475 was converted for use as a gritter/recovery vehicle and allocated to the Leadmill Road garage in 1977, and renumbered M52. It then moved to Dunscroft garage in 1984, then finally moving to Greenland Road garage in 1994. With the closure of Greenland Road garage in 1998, M52 was sold for scrap to PVS Barnsley but thankfully its historic value must have been realised and it was put aside. Despite First Groups policy on the resale of redundant vehicles, a new owner was found, Don Allmey in London, a preservationist/Dealer. It attended some rallies in the London area under his ownership before changing hands to Andy Boath, a West London film prop supplier, it was from him that M52 was purchased and moved back north.


M52 has completed much work for the SYTT during the early years in 'as acquired' condition, but it was decided to take it off the road due to its poor condition. As with many other vehicles it sits awaiting its turn for restoration. This was the second PD3 converted by the PTE and retains some early features. It is hoped it will be restored back to this very early guise.

Owner - Mr J.Lilley