History of SYPTE M16 (OWJ782A)

M16 is a Leyland Titan PD3 with Roe bodywork. It was new to T. Severn and Sons in 1963 and operated a normal service life until the takeover of that operation by SYPTE in 1979 where it gained number 1157.


 By 1980 it had been converted to a gritter/recovery vehicle and allocated to Doncaster where apart from being renumbered 9016 in 1994 it continued in service there until 2001, when it transferred to Rotherham garage. It would remain in service there until 2005 when it was withdrawn having gained number 90092 as part of the Firstgroup national numbering scheme. Unlike M1, M16 was kept alive as a depot shunter being used in that role until March 2017.


M16 became a 'celebrity', as during the preparations for the Rotherham garage open day held in 2014, it was repainted into the latest corporate First livery. It was acquired in March 2017, and due to the fairly large restoration ahead it is currently presented in its 'as withdrawn' condition.

Owner - Mr D.Sentance

Currently stored offsite.