History of SYPTE M10 (3913WE)

It was new as 913 in 1959 to Sheffield Transport Department, operating in passenger service until 1975 when was it was converted for use as a driver training vehicle, being renumbered M10. The vehicle has also carried registration OWJ357A.


By 1978 it was subject to conversion to a gritter/recovery vehicle being allocated to East Bank Garage where it operated until the closure of EB in 1988 and was transferred to Halfway garage displacing M17.


M10 was renumbered 9010 in 1994 but fell out of use in 1998. It was eventually sold to Don and Mark Penney, it later transferring to the current owner where an extensive restoration was carried out. It made its first appearance at the Meadowhall rally in 2004 restored to its 'as converted' condition.


Over the last number years it has assisted the SYTT in moving premises and general breakdowns and as a result now looks a little untidy. It will in time get a refresh and maybe another livery variant.

Owner - Mr D.Sentance

Currently stored offsite.