History of Volvo B10L / Saffle (L456JCK)

L456 JCK is the Unique Säffle bodied Volvo B10L. It was one of four low floor ‘concept bus’ development vehicles built by Volvo and was the only right hand drive example. The Volvo was officially launched in Sweden on 31 March 1994, L456 JCK was highly specified at the time, including Mobitec Electronic Destination blinds, bonded glazing, cantilever seats, climate control and one piece windscreen. The Säffle was later licensed in the UK to Alexander which named the body The ’Ultra’.


In May 1994 the bus entered service in South Yorkshire with Mainline as 403. In June 1995 it went on extended loan to Lothian, Edinburgh. In January 1998 is was bought by the Yorkshire Traction Group and entered service with Andrews Sheffield Omnibus as its 2338 after single door conversion by East Lancs. Coachbuilders. By February 2001 is had passed within the Traction Group to Lincolnshire Roadcar and then eventually to Stagecoach gaining Corporate Livery as their 21076.


By August 2009 it had been sold to Ensignbus (Dealer) and it was used in the operational fleet as its 705 and re registered GVV 205. In November 2010 it was sold to Wootens coaches ‘Tigerline Buses’ and re registered back to L456 JCK. In August 2012 it was sold to Seaford and District East Sussex, and by August 2014 it had passed to Carters Coach Services, before finally in July 2015 being sold for preservation with the Säffle Preservation Group.


The bus changed hands again in 2017 and arrived at the SYTT in May that year.

Another change of ownership has happened since the vehicle has been at the SYTT. There are a number of electrical problems to solve with the vehicle initially, which will likely be an expensive process.

Owner - Mr L.Robinson & Mr J.Mills