History of JCB (GWA 261C)

New in 1965 it was delivered to Sheffield based dealer T.C. Harrison and was the 4th '4C' to be sold by them that year, it is not known who it was supplied to.

Recently taken on by current owner from the estate of late Trevor Heaton is this slightly unusual machine being a '4C', a much bigger machine then the more common 3C.

Research had led us to believe these were much more of a larger site machine and although not rare they aren't that common to see. It has been useful to the SYTT already clearing our new site/making alterations.

Although it looks in a very rough state, with the cab certainly in need of replacement, the rest is solid and serviceable. It is anticipated over time to replace the cab, source some other parts and carry out some form of restoration as its of historical interest with it being a locally registered vehicle.

Owner - Private