History of Felix Motors 42 (8176WY)

This bus was new to the very well respected Doncaster Independent Felix Motors of Dunscroft in 1961. It passed to the SYPTE in 1976 on the takeover of the company, and was renumbered 1163. It was withdrawn from service in 1978 and was purchased for preservation by the current owner. The bus was stored at various locations over the years, all being outside, which had lead to the gradual deterioration of the of the bus to the poor condition it is today. In late 2011 the SYTT wrote to the owner of the vehicle, offering help with the vehicle, firstly to move it under cover, and then over time, help with the restoration.

Happily this help was accepted and a team went to Hatfield Woodhouse, when the vehicle was stored, to prepare it for towing. Over several visits, many very hard work, it was made ready and was finally moved to undercover storage, for the first time since 1978.

The vehicle has suffered very badly due to it prolonged period of outside storage, which had included an attempt to set it on fire. The engine is seized and the starter motor and alternator are missing.

However, the underside frames are in surprisingly good condition, as is the upper deck. The timber frames on the lower deck will need a lot of work as will the front end around the engine bay.

Now undercover, the condition of the bus is not getting any worse, but the work needed will be costly and time consuming. Work has started on attempting to unseize the engine. 

Owner - Private