History of SYPTE M1 (DUG167C)

M1 was new to Kippax and District in 1965, passing later to Blue Line of Armthorpe in 1968. With the sale of the latter to SYPTE in 1979 it gained number 1131.


Certainly by 1984 it had been converted to a gritter/recovery vehicle being allocated to Leadmill Road Garage, displacing M52. It remained at LE until the closure of that garage in 1994, together with Herries Road Garage and the opening up of the old East Bank Garage, renamed Olive Grove. Also it was renumbered 9001 the same year.


Despite a brief period out of use at Halfway garage, M1 continued in service at OG until 2005 when it was withdrawn and passing into preservation in 2008.


Work started on the restoration but halted due to another project. During the period of inactivity, some crucial items have been made/sourced to assist with its restoration when the time comes.

Owner - Mr D.Sentance