History of Doncaster Matador  (EDT 644J)

AEC Matador R49 (EDT644J) - The Doncaster AEC matador was new to the RAF in 1953 as a generator vehicle. It was sold out of service by 1970 to L.W. VASS Ltd, who at the time, were a well-known dealer in ex MoD vehicles and equipment.

The vehicle was sold to Doncaster Corporation, but Vass partially removed the rear body and fitted a Harvey frost crane with DCT completing the coach built bodywork, before being put to work as the recovery vehicle for the fleet, being given fleet number 7.

Upon the formation of the SYPTE it was renumbered R49, later being renumbered M49 in 1977- though only on paper with R49 being carried on the vehicle right up to its withdrawal in 1988.

It was sold to Isle Coaches of Owston Ferry who bought all 4 Matadors from SYT, who then sold R49 into preservation. Over the years it has had many owners with the latest ownership change being December 2021. It is currently back in South Yorkshire having restoration work carried out.

Owner - Mr D.Sentance