History of Dennis Dominator A414YAK

History of SYPTE 2414 (A414XAK)

2414 is a Dennis Dominator that was delivered new to Rotherham garage in February 1984. As with 2361, it is one of the later deliveries of Dominator, with ‘high frame’ chassis. These buses were fitted with squarer engine covers, which gave a more modern appearance.


Longer term, these buses were more prone to structural problems than the earlier examples, and often required repairs to the rear end frames whilst still in service.


2414 was withdrawn at the end of 2004 and entered preservation shortly after. It is the sole survivor of this variant of the SYPTE Dominator. It has changed hands a few times in preservation.


It was restored to roadworthy condition in 2009 and rallied for a year. The current owner has spent a great deal of money on the vehicle, firstly on the underside, and then on the bodywork. The vehicle is around 90% through its restoration, it having had a complete re-panel. The vehicle will be repainted in ’as delivered’ SYPTE livery, and will hopefully be completed shortly.


Owner - Private