History of Sheffield Transport 874 (7874WJ)

874 is one of a batch of 20 identical vehicles, new to Sheffield Transport in April 1960 as a Tram replacement vehicle, for the Sheffield Lane Top to Meadowhead route.


For the time, it was unusually fitted with 69 seat bodywork built by Walter Alexander of Falkirk. This type of bodywork was rarely seen South of the Scottish border at that time.


874 was withdrawn from service at 12 years old in 1972, but was reinstated for a further period, finally being withdrawn in April 1976 after 16 years service. At this time, the vehicle was purchased by the AEC Alexander Group, in who’s ownership it remains after over 40 years in preservation.


Over the years the bus has been rallied extensively and has received much care and attention. In the 40+ years in preservation, the bus has always run, it never missing a year, a record the owning Group is proud of.


The bus is in very good shape, but as with all vintage vehicles, the program of work is ongoing. In 2010 the vehicle received a reconditioned engine, in the form of a AV760 Unit, replacing the original AV590 Unit. At the same time, the clutch and gearbox were rebuilt.

In 2016 the bus received a replacement rear body bearer and a new rear platform, finished to the correct original style. The bus is much admired by many, both locally and further afield. In 2022 the bus received some body work and a repaint.

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Owner - AEC Alexander Group