History of Mainline 790 (R790WKW)

R790WKW is a Volvo B10BLE with Wright Renown Low Floor bodywork. 790 is the last bus numerically that was delivered new to the Mainline Group, before the takeover by First Bus.

790 was new in January 1998. 790 (or 60627 as it became during the First national re-numbering) ran in service for 17 years before being withdrawn and donated to the SYTT in June 2015.

Volunteers have started on the restoration, with some considerable effort going into the interior, removing any modifications, returning it to a condition it would have been in when only a few months old. The seats have also been reupholstered in the correct Mainline red moquette. The exterior restoration is underway, and once complete it will be finished in the livery it carried when new.

Owner - SYTT