History of Mainline 767 (N767CKY)

N767CKY is a Volvo B10M-55 with Alexander PS bodywork. It was new to the Mainline Group in April 1996 as their 767. The Volvo B10M was Mainline’s standard single deck bus in the early to mid 90’s, with 180 of the type being delivered across South Yorkshire from 1990 to 1996.


767 operated from Olive Grove depot in Sheffield for all of its time in service, and was withdrawn in June 2010. 767 was the vehicle used on the last day of service for the type, and was fitted with a plaque on the front proclaiming 20 years of service from the Volvo B10M, 1990 to 2010.


The bus stood at the back of Olive Grove depot, along with other members of the batch for around 2 years, before being acquired for preservation by Patrick Allen. The bus was recovered to the SYTT and the work to resurrect 767 started. Although the engine would start, the bus wouldn’t do much else, as it was essentially a scrap bus. The electrics had been heavily cannibalised, which caused a few headaches trying to get everything working again.


Eventually all the problems were solved, which included the replacement of the compressor and the bus was taken for its first MoT in preservation in 2013, which it passed. The restoration of the bodywork then commenced. Various issues had to be attended to, which included some repairs to the internal stress panels. It was then given a full re-panel and repaint into the Mainline livery that you see today, It had been seen out and about on the rally scene quite a bit, but unfortunately it was taken off the road due to a few mechanical faults.


A change of owner in early 2019 kick started the required work but unfortunately, this vehicle is currently off the road.

Owner - Mr L.Robinson & Mr C.Lemons