History of Go Green 659 (S659 JSE)

S659 JSE is a Volvo B10M-62 with Jonckheere Modulo body. 

It was new to Stagecoach Bluebird in October 1998 as no. 659 later becoming 52609 in the Stagecoach national numbering scheme. It moved to JW Coaches in July 2007, but returned to Bluebird before transferring again to Stagecoach Highlands in May 2008 . Although transferring to Orkney in June 2009, it was back on the mainland in September 2013. Its last Scottish transfer took it to Stagecoach East Scotland in June 2014.

It wouldn't spend long at East Scotland as it would transfer to  Stagecoach South East in August 2014. It would become a driver training vehicle. It stayed here a few years before being acquired by De-Luxe, Drakelow, Derbyshire in April 2020 and then passing into preservation in October 2020.

The smart Go Green livery that it currently carries is a fictitious name and livery. The coach is in very good order, and is a popular choice amongst the SYTT members for longer distance events.

Owner - Private