History of Yorkshire Traction 614 (P915RYO)

614 was new to London General in 1997 as NV115 and is a Northern Counties bodied Volvo Olympian. After operating from various depots in the London area it was eventually sold to Ensign (dealer) in September 2004. It was then bought by Yorkshire Traction a month later being numbered 614. After the takeover of the Traction Group by Stagecoach in December 2005 it was renumbered 16874. After a couple more years in Barnsley it was transferred to Stagecoach North West in October 2009 but only lasted a month before being moved on to Stagecoach Warwickshire. October 2010 saw 614 move back to Stagecoach North West where it ran for 18 months. A transfer to Merseyside in April 2012 was to be the last depot in Stagecoach ownership.


In February 2013 614 was bought by Classic Bus North West of Blackpool and operated for one year. April 2014 saw 614 move on again, this time to Riviera Sightseeing Tours in Torquay. This move was a short stay as by August 2014 614 was with Carters Coaches of Capel St. Mary. 614's final move in service was to Ipswich Buses in May 2016. It ran here on school contracts until September 2018 where it was bought for preservation and was moved to its new home with the SYTT in Rotherham.


The plan is to run 614 as it is for a while then a return to its Yorkshire Traction condition will eventually follow.

Owners - Mr A.Barber & Mr J.Connor