History of Doncaster Corporation 43 (FDT43C)

Doncaster 43 is a Leyland Royal Tiger Cub RTC1/1 with Roe B45D bodywork. Doncaster was looking to buy a batch of vehicles with specific specifications. The only option they had was to turn to a Leyland export model.


New on 24th August 1965, 43 was one of a batch of 10 vehicles which were to be the only RTC1/1’s in the UK. These were fitted with a 45 seat dual door Roe body.


43 served Doncaster for many years, all the way up to the formation on the PTE in 1974. It was later transferred to Sheffield at the former Booth and Fisher depot in 1978 and was eventually withdrawn in 1981. After being stored by the PTE until 1983 it was sold to the South Yorkshire fire service in Rotherham and was used for smoke evacuation training.


Purchased for preservation in 1988, 43 was given a quick coat of paint and rallied that year. Three months later 43 was sold on for further restoration work and after a complete restoration 43 was seen on the rally circuit for several years. Engine trouble saw 43 taken off the road in 1995 and it has remained that way ever since.


After changing hands a few times it is now finally well on its way to becoming a regular on the rally circuit once again. Much work has been undertaken to get 43 roadworthy once again. Some of the tasks include a replacement engine and gearbox, brake overhaul, new radiator, new clutch, new entrance steps and partial rewire.


43 first emerged back onto the rally scene in June 2022 at the Firstbus Doncaster depot open day. After a successful year, a few more jobs have been carried out over the winter. Still plenty to do. 

Early January 2023 saw 43 venture out on a road run from Chesterfield and that was to be the last action of the year. The front hub bearings were found to be getting hot and needed attention. This work was completed over 4-5 months and all looked promising. An attempted engine start to road test the hub bearings highlighted another, more serious, problem. This time it was engine related. Water had got past the head gasket and into the bores. This meant an engine strip down. This thankfully enabled us to assess other parts of the engine and it was found that the coolant system was blocked. All the relevant work has been completed and 43 should see the road again in 2024.

Owner - Mr A.Proctor, Mr K.Proctor & Mr C.Proctor