History of Yorkshire Traction 349 (WHE 349J)

New to Yorkshire Traction in October 1970 at Barnsley depot, 349 is a Leyland Leopard with a Willowbrook body. 349 would be transferred to Waterloo depot late 1972 then to Wombwell depot in 1981. It would be withdrawn in 1982. A short resurrection would see 349 reinstated at Doncaster depot but this only lasted a few months and was finally withdrawn late 1982 where it would be stored at Wombwell depot.

349 would be cut down to a recovery vehicle prior to delivery to WMPTE at Walsall depot being numbered 112. WMPTE had problems with its length when towing so it was later used for internal work at Dudley Depot becoming disused by 1987 with engine problems and vandalism damage. 

349 would move onto Tailways who put in a replacement engine and fitted the crane to the rear. It would suffer a further engine defect and was sold to a dealer. It was eventually bought by Vals Classic Coaches before moving on again in 2011 to Southern Transit. By 2018 it had moved to Seaford & District. From here it was purchased for preservation.

Moved to SYTT early 2021, it remains stored pending restoration work. This vehicle is in a fairly poor state and will require a lot of work.

Owner - Private