First (Mainline) 2717 (WU02KVV)

WU02 KVV was part of a batch of 15 Volvo B7TL’s delivered new to First (Mainline) at Midland Road in 2002. The order was originally placed for Bristol but was diverted to South Yorkshire following shortages in the fleet. Originally coded into the fleet at Midland Road as 2717 it would quickly be recoded as 30577 as firsts national numbering system was introduced across all South Yorkshire operations. 2717 served most of her life in Rotherham and Sheffield before transfer to Doncaster Leger Way around 2016. She was retired from service on 9th January 2021 following nearly 19 years of service and completing her final late night route on her usual 87 haunt. She now enters preservation in Rotherham as part of the collection at SYTT and is intended to be restored and returned to as delivered spec.