History of SYT 2489 (D489OWE)

This Dominator is the same chassis specification as 2479 but the last 5 vehicles (2486 to 2490) were delivered new to the ’Coachline’ unit, so were delivered in that livery. Its chassis number is DDA1013/920 and it was also delivered new in October 1986. This vehicle carried a luggage pen at the back of the vehicle downstairs, and were fitted with an additional door on the near side at the rear, opposite where the normal emergency door would be. After there time in the Coachline unit had ended, they were downgraded to express service work. After a mid live overall, some of the batch were further down graded to normal service duties, with some being fitted with standard bus seating upstairs.

2489 entered preservation in 2006 and was rallied for the first year. Then, on the way to Duxford Showbus, it suffered a rear suspension failure, which took the vehicle off the road. Then, after this was repaired, it suffered a vandal attack, where numerous windows were smashed when it was parked outside in 2008. Some restoration work has been done on the bus, mainly to the underside, so this can’t be seen. Today it awaits further attention when the owners time and resources permit. 

Owner - Private