History of SYT 2457 (C877JWE)

2457 is a member of the final batch of standard Dominators that were delivered at the end of 1985. It was the only batch of Dominators delivered new in the SYT livery of Cameo, Red and Brown.

This vehicle was used in service on the last Dominator day on the 24th June 2006. Whilst still in service, this vehicle, along with the rest of the batch had the Rolls Royce engine removed and replaced with a Gardner 6LXB unit. This was much more economical than the Rolls unit.

Its time in preservation has not been a happy one it was the subject of a vandal attack in 2008, where a number of the windows were smashed. Restoration work had been started but then stalled again. Work is set to start again after a recent change of owner.  

Owner - Private