History of SYPTE 2298 (A298XAK)

This Dominator was new to Rotherham Garage in September 1983. This vehicle operated at the same Rotherham garage for all of its service life. It also became a bit of a ‘Celebrity Dominator’ during its last year in service, it receiving a lower deck repaint and ‘Rolls Royce’ badges on the engine cover. The Managing Director at Midland Road garage at the time passed favourable comments about it.


The bus was remembered for having rather better on road performance than almost all of the other Dominators that were still in service at the time, something which happily it has not lost. It was withdrawn in 2004, initially being rescued by Darren Sentence, it has had several owners but hopefully the restoration will resume soon. The bus is about 50% through its restoration and when completed will appear in a version of the Mainline livery.

Owner - Private