History of SYPTE 2120 (KKU120W)

KKU120W is a Dennis Dominator with Alexander 78 seat RH type bodywork. The chassis number is DDA133/294. The bus was new to Herries Road Garage in June 1981, later being transferred to Olive Grove. It is the oldest surviving SYPTE Dominator, and was also the one that has completed the most service, notching up just over 25 years. 2120 was one of the 5 vehicles that was used on the last Dominator day on the 25th June 2006, it being withdrawn after the end of service that day. For the day, it was suitably decorated with the various logos that it had carried during its 25 years, and received a plaque above the radiator grille proclaiming the 25 years service. Although it has of course received much maintenance since then and has been seen on the rally scene quite a lot, externally it is in the same condition it was on its last day of service in June 2006.

2120 became very much a ‘Celebrity Dominator’ at Olive Grove, and was the only one of the early Dominators to receive First’s Barbie 3 livery. The repainting into this livery came about over a conversion that was had with the Garage Manager at the time and 2 of the SYTT Directors, whilst out for a drink during the Summer of 2005. We tried to persuade him to paint it in SYPTE livery, but as that was not possible, Barbie 3 it was! The repaint was completed by the SYTT.

Just before the repaint, the engine failed and the SYTT donated the engine out of NKU143X. This unfortunately didn’t last very long, it failing the day after the bus attended the Heaton Park rally in 2005. So, to keep it going again, the engine out of A302XAK was donated, which it still retains. In preservation 2120 has a bit of a reputation for breaking down all the time. Almost every time it went out, it came back with a new fault. It has an engine fault at the moment, which is why it is not on the road. It needs the cylinder heads removing and overhauling, which once completed will bring the engine back to health once more. Ultimately though, the vehicle needs to be restored, as it has a number of bodywork issues that need to be addressed. However, the vehicle will not be ‘over restored’, as the plan is for the vehicle to carry Mainline livery when outshopped. 

After having mechanical issues in August 2021, 2120 has had a replacement engine fitted which is hoped to enable the vehicle to be used once again.

Owner - Private