History of SYPTE 2013 (C113HDT)

C113HDT is a Leyland DAB articulated bus, or ‘bendi bus’ as its more commonly referred to. It was delivered new to the SYPTE is September 1985. This particular vehicle is one of the 3 vehicles delivered with coach seats, part of a larger batch of 13 vehicles (C101 to 113 HDT).

The SYPTE was always trying out new things. The bendi-buses first appeared in Sheffield in 1979, with a small batch of MAN vehicles, and a small batch of Leyland DAB vehicles, which looked similar in appearance to the Leyland National. Due to issues with the Unions at the time, these early vehicles didn’t last long and all had found new owners by the time they were only 2 years old.

However the later batch of Leyland DAB vehicles had much longer lives in Sheffield, all running in service until 1999. C113HDT was donated to the SYTT in 2011 and has been restored to ‘Mainline’ livery by a group of volunteers. A great deal of time and money has also gone into obtaining rare parts of the bus, which has included 2 new windscreens, which had to be obtained from DAB in Denmark. The restoration of the bodywork requires finishing, mainly the on the trailer section, and there are a few mechanical issues that need to be sorted before the bus returns to the road. Without doubt, it will be very popular vehicle on the local rally scene when it hits the road again! 

Owner - SYTT