History of SYT 1790 (JKW290W)

1790 was new to the SYPTE’s Herries garage in February 1981. Not long after de regulation it was transferred to Halfway garage, 1790 was withdrawn along with a large number of various buses and was stored at Bootham Lane, Dunscroft, until it was acquired by Rossendale. Rossendale ran the bus until 1999 after converting it to single door.

1790 was sold for preservation in the Wythall area where the centre door was refitted and the bus repainted in SYPTE livery. It was rallied for a couple of years before the vehicle was sold on for continued preservation is Sheffield. Again, it was rallied for a year, before being taken off the road for further restoration work to be done. The vehicle has had substantial work done underneath and to the engine. Thousands have been spent and underneath the bus looks like new. 

It was purchased by the present owner in 2017. The bus had been dismantled quite heavily downstairs and the centre doors had started to be rebuilt. Although it may not appear so, 1790 has had a lot of work done by the new owner in a very short space of time, including new panels, new injectors, new starter motor and hours of labour. 1790 now been restored into SYT livery, a condition it would have been in 1990. It wears the Herries Garage code. 

Owner - Mr G.Taylor