History of SYPTE 1515 (OKW515R)

1515 is a Leyland Fleetline new to SYPTE in May 1977. It is the sole survivor of a batch of 30 identical vehicles. The bodywork was built by MCW, to the same design that was delivered to London buses on their DM class. The SYPTE was the only operator to specify this design, outside of London.


After service in Sheffield it was withdrawn in 1986 and was sold on to Red Rover, then Luton and District, then back up to Sheffield with Andrews, then Andrews Sheffield Omnibus. The centre exit was removed while it was with ASO.


It continued in service until 2001, and was purchased for preservation by the 1515 group. They rallied the vehicle for the first 2 years, then it was taken off the road for the restoration to commence. Various parts had been acquired by them to assist with the restoration, which has included the doors to reinstate the centre exit.


The bus has changed hands a few times since and the restoration has started. The work done on the vehicle is to exacting standards and although there is still a long way to go, the finished restoration, to ’as delivered’ condition will be stunning.

Owner - Mr S.Barker