History of T. Severn & Sons (WYG256S)

WYG256S is a Leyland Atlantean with Roe H43/33F bodywork. It was new to T Severn & Sons, Dunscoft, Doncaster in November 1977. It was built to the same design as the large batch of Roe bodied Atlanteans delivered to the West Yorkshire PTE, with detail differences to suit Severn’s.


It was new in that operator’s green and cream livery and passed to the SYPTE in 1979, upon the takeover of the firm. It was renumbered 1136 in the fleet of the SYPTE, received a revised destination blind layout and repainted in the livery of cream and brown.


When only 8 years old, it was withdrawn from service and cannibalised and the remains sold to Stevensons of Uttoxeter for further use as spares. The shell was then sold to Bloors scrapyard at Spath, where it laid for the next 22 years, surrounded by scrap, often above the level of the roof.


After a number of visits to the scrap yard by transport enthusiast Gareth Griffiths, he had persuaded the yard to sell him what remained of the bus and after quite a large effort to prepare the vehicle it was towed back to Sheffield to its home county. This is an extreme ’as found’ vehicle, which needs an enormous amount of work and money to become fully restored.


We do have all the parts to do the job, but it certainly is a long term project. It’s the only surviving double decker new to T Severn & Sons, so that and the ’against all odds’ story of its survival, it deserves to be restored.


If you feel that you can take this vehicle on and give it the attention that it deserves, then please get in touch with the SYTT at syttevents@mail.com

Owner - SYTT