History of Dearneways 92 (368SHX)

368 SHX was originally registered AWJ 292T. It is a Leyland Leopard PSU3E/4R with a Plaxton 51 seat coach body that was new to Dearneways of Goldthorpe in April 1979, as their fleet number 92. It is believed that this coach is the only Dearneways vehicle that survives. It passed to the SYPTE upon the takeover of the company, and was renumbered 1092. It carried SYPTE, SYT and Coachline livery, while running in South Yorkshire, before being sold on for further use.

It eventually found its way to Titterington Coaches of Blencow, where it was discovered by West Yorkshire enthusiast Daniel Stazicker. We had assumed at the SYTT that all the former SYPTE Leyland Leopards had long since gone, so this was very much a surprise! We went to have a look at the vehicle, a deal was reached, and so it was transported back to Sheffield by West Yorkshire enthusiast Kiran Tolson. The coach had sat in their yard, being used for storage for about 10 years, so although it was complete it had suffered due to the period of outside storage.

Once back in Sheffield, some work was carried out on it to get it to run and drive. It’s not a total basket case, but does need a fair degree of work to bring it up to standard. This coach could be made available for someone to take on and restore. Anyone fancy a challenge? then please get in touch with the SYTT at syttevents@mail.com

Owner - SYTT