Leon Motors 101 (HKU361W)

HKU 361W was a sole purchase by Leon Motor Services in Finningley, Doncaster on 2nd September 1980. Tagged onto a batch of Daimler Fleetlines heading to a Scottish operator, HKU 361W was built to the same spec.

Numbered 101, it ran its entire life operating for Leon until its retirement from service in 2004 owing to chassis corrosion. 101 was a familiar sight on the local school services and was for its entire service life driven daily by Mick Harper, a local car mechanic and business owner. Mick would drive 101 each morning and afternoon and became his favourite vehicle.

There was no surprise that upon retirement he would secure it and drive it the 1/4 Mile to his garage. It’s here in Blaxton it would remain serving as his office for the next 16 years.

Following retirement and sale of his garage, being a lifelong friend to his son, Garry Taylor was able to secure its purchase for restoration. After being stood for so long it is amazing that 101 starts, drives and everything in her works. 

Lots of work has been done to this vehicle already. Mostly the strip down of the corroded chassis area. The replacement of the corroded chassis pieces is a big job. 

Owner - Mr G.Taylor