History of London & Country DD15 (N715 TPK)

DD15 is a 1996 Dennis Dominator with East Lancs bodywork. One of a batch of four East Lancs bodied examples new to London & Country. It is the penultimate Dominator ever built and the newest surviving example.

It later moved to Arriva Southern Counties where it was numbered 5215. It was withdrawn and preserved in August 2012.

By November 2012 it was back with an operator, Victoria Coaches in Newhaven where it ran for a couple of years.

Preserved again in 2014, it attended various rallies. Another change of owner and a move north now sees DD15 residing at the SYTT. 

Although it was rallied early in its time up north, it is now off the road waiting for restoration work to be carried out.

Owner - Private