Summer Open Day 3rd October 2021

South Yorkshire Transport Trust - Rotherham (Interchange B8)
SYTT  ---  ---101010401110114012101240131013401410144015101540161016401700

Parking Area ---  ---101210421112114212121242131213421412144215121542161216421702

Clifton Park ---  ---101910491119114912191249131913491419144915191549161916491709

Rotherham Interchange 0955 1010102510551125115512251255132513551425145515251555162516551715

SYTT1000 1015103011001130120012301300133014001430150015301600163017001720

South Yorkshire Transport Trust - Chapeltown (Cowley Lane/Park)
South Yorkshire Transport Trust - Sheffield (Interchange D5)
SYTT ---1700
Sheffield ---1730

Sheffield0930 --- 



South Yorkshire Transport Trust - Doncaster (Waterdale)
SYTT ---1700
Doncaster ---1730
Doncaster0930 ---
SYTT1000 ---

There will be a variety of vintage/classic vehicles operating the FREE bus services. The SYTT will do our best to accommodate everyone, but most of the buses are by their very nature from times past, so we cannot carry wheelchairs or unfolded prams on most of our fleet. Most will have steps on the entrance, so please bear this in mind before boarding the buses. You are carried at your own risk, with the vehicle owners, drivers or event organisers accepting no responsibility for any loss or damage or injury, inside or outside a vehicle. The purchase of a program is not conditional on riding on any of the bus services. The small charge made for a program will go towards the huge costs of staging this event for the public. While we will make every effort to maintain the advertised time table, our vehicles can be temperamental, so please be patient in the event of a delay or any cancellation. We cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by operating failure, within or beyond our control. Thanks for attending our Event, we hope you enjoy your day.