History of Sheffield Transport 257 (NWA257K)

NWA257K is a Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXB with Alexander AL H43/31F bodywork. It was new to Sheffield Transport in April 1972, and was delivered in the Sheffield cream and blue livery. It was unusually fitted with ‘round domes’, rather that the ‘peaked’ domes that were more common place in England at the time. It passed to the SYPTE upon its formation on the 1st April 1974 and was eventually painted in the tan and cream livery. It continued in service until 1984, when it was withdrawn from service. 257 was sold onto Finch of Wigan, who continued to operate the vehicle for many more years on schools and contract work.

257 was almost 30 years old when it was sold by Finch, and at this point the vehicle entered preservation and resided at the St Helens Transport Museum. It was rallied for the first couple of years and then was taken off the road, pending restoration work. In 2008 the vehicle was moved to Sheffield, where an extensive restoration began. The restoration is nearing completion, but 257 is suffering from chassis problems, which affect most Daimler Fleetlines. Corroded flitch plates on the chassis over the rear wheel arches will need to be removed and replaced with new metal, to give the vehicle a long trouble free existence on the rally scene.

Owner Mr S.Barker