History of Yorkshire Traction L10 (YHE237J)

HE237J is an Alexander Y type bodied Leyland Leopard PSU3B/4R , which was new to Yorkshire Traction in May 1971. The bodywork when delivered had 49 coach seats.

At the end of its useful life, it was converted to the recovery vehicle that you see today, and was given fleet number L10. During the conversion, all except the front 2 bays of the bus body were removed, the chassis shortened and a ’lorry’ body fitted.

It was purchased for preservation and rallied extensively in the 1990’s, but then fell out of use. It has been stored for many years. It changed hands in the early part of 2017. The vehicle runs very well and drives fine, but does require some restoration. The lorry body was removed to facilitate this, which has revealed extensive corrosion on the chassis to the rear. However, the structure is not complex, so repairs will be completed, but this is certainly not a ’quick job’. As is often the case with vehicle restoration, the work needed to bring a vehicle back to standard is more than had been hoped.