History of Mainline 605 (G605NWA)

605 was new to SYTs Greenland garage in may 1990 and was part of a strong batch of Volvo B10Ms ordered, the first with the Alexander PS body. They were intended for routes 93/51 and were delivered in Sheffield Mainline livery, a branding used by SYT in the 90s.

SYT became Mainline in 1993 and in 1995 605 went through a refurb into unit 52 colours including new seats, hand rails, floor and external re panel and fitting of brushes on wheel arches to prevent spray. Mainline became first group in 1999 and 605 ran at olive grove for a few more years.

It was then converted to a training bus at Rotherham along with many others and was sent to first Avon. 605 was short lived and was re allocated to Leicester were it was used daily and then got a repaint to there latest training livery and gaining round headlights, 605 was the only PS to gain this new livery

605 was very well looked after and this shows in its recent MoT. The bus passed into preservation with its current owners in 2017. 

Due to a change in circumstances this bus is available to purchase for ongoing preservation/restoration. If you feel like this is for you then please get in touch with the SYTT at syttevents@mail.com