History of SYT 150 (D150RAK)

D150RAK is a Dodge S56 minibus. The 25 seat bodywork is built by Reaves Burgess. It was new in May 1987. Over the course of 5 years, over 200 minibuses were delivered new to SYT and its successor Mainline. Whether you love them or hate them, they were all over the place in the late 80’s and 90’s. The survival rate is very low D150RAK is the only known complete former SYT/Mainline minibus . All the rest have been scrapped. 150 moved to the SY Police, then Tanat Valley after service in Sheffiled and it was from here that is was preserved initially, by Michelle Littleford. Some restoration work was carried out on it, which included a repaint into ‘Little Nipper’ livery. It was sold on to Iain Bostock-Frith for continued preservation in Yorkshire, where a great deal of work was done on the mechanics. The bus was returned to the road and rallied extensively during the first few months, but unfortunately while at the Olive Grove open day in 2013 it suffered a transmission failure and had to be towed back to base. Shortly after this the vehicle was sold on, and further restoration carried out. The new owner was intending to restore the vehicle to Eager Beever livery and was preparing the vehicle for this, but circumstances dictated that the vehicle was to be sold on again. The present owner is in the process of sourcing the parts to repair the transmission, which will return the vehicle to the road.